Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 12:35:10 -0500
To: tetsuo@**** (tetsuo kogawa)
From: sf15@**** (Susan Farrell)
Subject: Re: old fidy art

Dear Tetsuo Kogawa,


I would love to put your graffiti pictures in the Art Crimes gallery! Do you have them digitized yet? If not, I can scan them for you if you like.

If you have slides, they can go on PhotoCD, if you have prints, my scanner will take them.

If you have digital files already, or can make them, you could ftp them to me over the internet.

If you want to send me materials in the mail, I will return them to you after I make the WWW pages.

I will need them divided by city, and some idea of the year they were done. I am excited about seeing some earlier work, as most of what we have is 1993-4. The artists will be thrilled to see the early Australian graf. And as you can see, we have no New York graf at all, which is shameful. Maybe when the New York artists see us get some from Japan, they will start to contribute their own :)

Please write back soon and we'll make a plan.

I think graffiti is a sign of hope and life in the cities, and the cities should be very proud of their great street artists. Digital graffiti is a good way to show people this fascinating art form, which is often hidden away in strange places.

Do you know anything about the train that Delta (from Amsterdam) painted in Japan (maybe in the late 80s?). It has become legendary here, in Australia, and in Europe.

I am very glad to hear from you, a fellow enthusiast. Are you a professional photographer? I'm only an amateur, but I try hard :)
talk to you soon, and domo arigato :)

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